Redi Tlhabi takes on Twitter trolls

 Redi Tlhabi takes on Twitter trolls

Image Credit: Nardus Engelbrecht

Twitter is infamous for people who start quarrels will celebrities (trolls) but Journalist, broadcaster and author Redi Tlhabi is not here for it! 

In a series of tweets the Khwezi- ThRemarkable Story of Fezekile Khumalo author explained that she will go after trolls who cross the line, identify them, their workplaces and employers and even pursue legal action if needs be.

Some Twitter users were quick to say that that trolls are just people who start fights on the social network because they are bored and unemployed.

Tlhabi replied: Not all these actions come from “silly bots” or “unemployed poor”. Some are sophisticated professionals. I’m going for the moneyed one.

She revealed that she knows and has been targeted by a troll who owns a PR company but who uses a pseudonym on Twitter. ” I’m addressing something more fundamental. If legal boundaries are crossed than let’s test that,” Tlhabi tweeted.

Another media personality, former Miss South Africa and business woman Basetsana Kumalo laid a charge against author Jackie Phamotse for alleging that her husband Romeo Kumalo had appeared in a gay sex video.

It seems that there are now serious consequences to starting feuds with celebrities online. Trolls beware!

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