The Kiffness to the SABC : No pay? No play!

 The Kiffness to the SABC : No pay? No play!

the Kiffness

South African electronic music act, The Kiffness wants their dues paid to them by the SABC.

On Instagram, David Scott of The Kiffness revealed that he had become a member of the South African Music Performance Rights Association (SAMPRA) which is responsible for paying musicians when their music is played in public.

David Scott of The Kiffness. Image credit: The Kiffness

Scott alleged that after learning of SAMPRA owed him over R60 000 in needle-time royalties, he was shocked to discover that no money had come from the SABC. 

“It’s because the SABC has never paid SAMPRA. It’s illegal, but they either think they’re above the law or they simply just don’t care (or both),” he said.

He said that some of the payment came from private stations such as 947, Kfm 94.5 and occasionally from restaurants and grocery shops.

Scott emphasized that it wasn’t the fault of the DJs from stations such as 5FM whom he considers his friends but “the useless a***holes at the top.”

He said he wanted to shed a light on what South African musicians go through. “I don’t expect you to care that South African musicians are being robbed of their livelihood, but I think it’s important that this knowledge becomes public knowledge. No pay? No play.”

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