Zodwa Wabantu reveals the reasons for her break-up with Ntobeko Linda

Ever since the breakup between Zodwa Wabantu and her boyfriend Ntobeko Linda, social media fans has been speculating on what would have to the split. Could it be that he cheated? Or was it the parents who didn’t approve of their union?

After a long time of silence, now Zodwa comes forward with what really happened. 

She said all those speculations were just rumours, that their break up didn’t caused by their parents or the guy cheating.

So what caused the split? Fame.

She said, “I think fame has overwhelmed us and if people can just back off, we will see our way forward. They are putting pressure on us. I understand because I exposed my life but it’s too much. We are still on a break trying to sort out our issues.” 

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John Mampane
John is the Music Reporter of Justza.com. He spends a lot of time writing and talking about music.