Ginger Trill releases new EP titled “PIF”

 Ginger Trill releases new EP titled “PIF”

Ginger Trill released six track concept EP titled “PIF”

The six track concept EP is inspired by the 2002, Harlem—New York based movie titled “Paid In Full”.

“The movie is so rich and steeped in hip-hop culture. From the slang to the attitudes and just the way of life depicted in it. The EP paints a picture of the reality of the music industry, with the fantasy of the movie Paid In Full, in so far as hustling and rapping can be seen as one thing- hustling being the main plot of the movie, of course” said Ginger Trill in a statement.

Ginger Trill is a multi-award nominated South African rapper embraced as the voice of the youth and an advocate for the Hip-Hop culture.

The EP is available on Apple Music!

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