Sipho and Sphaka debut new YouTube series Either Or

Popular YouTubers Sipho Muchindu and Sphaka Ngonyama made a return to YouTube last week with their hilarious new show Either Or on the Anarchadium channel.

The duo describes the series as a show filled with comparisons on pop culture and nostalgia that’ll have you struggling to decide what you like or dislike more.

Sipho and Sphaka.

This episode’s comparisons were between slippers or belts when it comes to hidings, castor oil or Brooklax and classic soapies The Bold and the Beautiful or Days of Our Lives. “Brooke was the original, you know ‘if this n*gga ain’t acting right date his dad and make him your stepson.’ ” Sipho said.

The episode already has an impressive number of views with viewers welcoming back the duo. They also spoke up for Sphaka because Sipho was apparently hogging the limelight a bit.

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Sipho and Sphaka were a part of the popular YouTube show Microwave Boys along with Larry Nhlane. The trio disbanded in May following abuse allegations against Larry by Noxieh Cole.

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