Shots fired? Sithelo Shazi and Sarah Langa’s Twitter run-in

Twitter is infamous for feuds between celebrities (beef) and it seems like media personalities Sarah Langa Mackay and Sithelo Shozi may have come close to butting heads on the social network.

It all started when Sithelo, DJ and the mom of famous Baby Makhosini shared a video of a room filled bouquets of roses and numerous other gifts and captioned it “apology accepted.”

Sarah Langa Mackay was having none of it and quickly gave her opinion on men using expensive gifts to “buy” women’s forgiveness.

Sithelo said it was her apology and could choose to grant forgiveness. The two engaged further, with people weighing in on the matter, asking Sarah why she got herself involved and to mind her business.

Sarah went a step further and said, “Men do absolute trash and then expect to buy our forgiveness. This is why they continue to be trash cos our forgiveness can repeatedly be bought.” Sithelo then put an end to the clash when she tweeted “Tsek.”

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Xolile Mtembu
Xolile is a News Reporter at Justza.com. Having graduated from the ICESA with a Diploma in Journalism, she worked as a writer at One Tribe Magazine.