‘Skeem Saam’ actress Neo Ramitshana manhandled by Altitude Bar bouncer

 ‘Skeem Saam’ actress Neo Ramitshana manhandled by Altitude Bar bouncer

Neo Ramitshana made a Facebook post detailing a horrific ordeal she went through with a bouncer at Altitude Bar.

The Skeem Saam actress whose popular known for playing the role of Botshelo told Facebook friends that she was disgusted, outraged, and hurt because of how Women’s Day ended for her.

In the post, she talks about how she decided to go to Altitude in Pretoria because she was craving their Wors and Pap and also thought it would be an excellent way to celebrate Women’s Day.

She and her sister had the pap and wors meal which she enjoyed but couldn’t finish so a takeaway will do. They head out at around past ten and that is where the drama started.

Neo was grabbed by the neck by Altitude Bouncer as she tried to enter the establishment because she had forgotten her takeaway inside. Shocked by his response to her trying to get in to take her food, Neo shouted, but the Bouncer proceeded to slap her around.

Just when you think things cannot get worse, the Bouncer is joined by other bounces who manhandle and strips Neo naked. Visibly pregnant, tired and shocked, Neo requests to see the manager and learned from a female bouncer that the manager as standing right there witnessing the whole thing.

She and her sister are escorted to the center’s security room to take a statement. Police arrived hours later to take another statement from them.
She ended off telling fans and friends that she got assaulted on Women’s Day and asked why is Altitude protecting the Bouncer who manhandled her.

Altitude Champagne Garden released a Public Statement about the Altercation.

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