Kayise Ngqula: Trouble with the In-Laws, Protection Orders and Baby Mamas

 Kayise Ngqula: Trouble with the In-Laws, Protection Orders and Baby Mamas

Just months after the death of her husband, Kayise Ngqula finds herself inside another storm- her late husbands possessions.

She finds herself in a stressful dispute with her brother-in-law and two women whose late husband had children with. The dispute is so intense that she had to file a protection order against her brother-in-law, Tawanda Sibanda at the Randburg Magistrate Court. Ngqula claims that Tawanda Sibanda was harassing her and also a threat to her life.

The two women who have children with the late Mr. Farai Sibanda claim that former Our Perfect Wedding host, Ngqula refused to honor the family’s wishes and kept all the assets for herself.

“She is refusing to release the single beds, a TV and some of the furniture the family said she must give to our kids. She wants everything for herself,” said one of the women

Sowetan Live managed to obtain SMSes between one mother and Ngqula where she is asking Ngqula about her sons’ tablet, minion set and track pants.

Ngqula responded by saying, “I can assure you that there are no clothing items that belong to him here. No need to tell me what was bought for him by my husband. I know. The attitude is unnecessary. The iPad I had made a commitment that he will get, so I’ll arrange …”

Furniture, clothes and two cars – a Ford Icon and a Mercedez Benz E350, which was involved in the accident that killed Sibanda are some of the assets the parties are fighting over.

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