Robert Marawa in hospital after third heart attack

 Robert Marawa in hospital after third heart attack

Sports journalist and media personality Robert Marawa recently opened up about being in hospital for over a week due to having a heart attack.

The 46 year old revealed on Twitter that he had driven himself to hospital after having chest pain. Marawa was admitted into ICU a couple of hours later. He had 2 previous heart attacks that he said were public knowledge.

“I drove myself from home, not feeling well and I said ‘let me go in and admit myself’ cause there was something, there was pain and that was not making sense,” Marawa said.

The sports anchor said he had an “unbelievable” couple of days. “I say unbelievable because it is the brink of life and not living. ICU is no playground,” he said.

Marawa said he is in the recovery ward. He praised the hospital staff for looking out for his health and safety. He said that were “outstanding” and had the best doctors and cardiologists in the country. He also thanked everyone for supporting him through this time.

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