Anele Mdoda, ‘rewrite your thesis at your own pace’.

 Anele Mdoda, ‘rewrite your thesis at your own pace’.

When a Twitter user made a twit comparing dating people who grew up with both parents and those with a single mother, Anele Mdoda took it upon herself to educate the user.

Anele had an informative response for this user. She told the user that she was raised in a two-parent household but she is a nightmare to date.

Other users joined in to also re-educate the fellow user who made the tweet, some questioning where she got her statistics.

“I was raise by 2 parents, my dad was so abusive. Guess I inherited that, I’m a nightmare to date Bae unyamezele nje .”

“I was raised by a woman who couldn’t conceive. I’m darling to have as a partner. Mostly how you are raised can be an effect on your outcome as an adult. This is life nothing is certain because of how and where you grow up.”

“Her thesis are not even based on facts, I mean there’s absolutely nothing wrong with raising your kids the best way you know how to and based on your experiences, as a mother you are also trying your level best to mend a broken situation.”

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