Ayanda Ncwane speaking out against traditional widow practice

 Ayanda Ncwane speaking out against traditional widow practice

Two weeks ago, Ayanda Ncwane sent out heart-warming words of comfort to fellow sisters who are widowed.

Now Ayanda Ncwane is shedding light on how the Bill of Rights recognizes women and men as equals but tradition still dictates otherwise. She took to her Instagram to criticize the ‘INZILO’ practice that says widows should mourn their late husbands by wearing black clothes for 12-months but says nothing about how widowers should mourn their late wives.

Many of her followers jumped on the post to express their viewpoints on the practice itself.

“True cc Ayanda mina I was kicked out on the same day ngingcwabe umyeni wami nezingane, in law’s!! especially us women, it was my mother in law and her daughters we cruel to each other as abantu besifazane, ngikhuluma ngomama okhulekayo, konke lokhu kwenzeke ngenyanga edlule. Thina bantu besifazane siyahlukumezana.”

While others offered some slightly eyebrow-raising viewpoints

“Niqala kanje ke ukulahla amasikho nifune ukuzifanisa namadoda, ningabafazi ya’ll need to know your place… stop competing with us men…. there is reason in our culture why is a woman that must changes the surname when she gets married and the man, I’m sure you wanna changer that too hey?”

Overall, South Africa seems to be questioning a lot of traditional and cultural practices such as Lobola and circumcision that requires boys to go to a mountain for a week and many not making it back home.

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