Pearl Modiadie sets the record straight about looking “baked”

 Pearl Modiadie sets the record straight about looking “baked”

Model and content creator Nkuli Masemola posted a selfie of himself with Pearl on Twitter last week and captioned it “I met Pearl Modiadie and the good sis looked BAKED.”

The term, which alludes to marijuana use and being high had fans agreeing with Nkuli because of how Pearl’s eyes looked.

Nkuli masemola’s Twitter post

Pearl Modiadie recently responded to the post. The presenter retweeted and said it was good to meet Nkuli and that she loved his style and good vibes.

“My one eye is far sighted + the other is short sighted. My prescription glasses balance them out so they don’t strain and I should wear them more often but I don’t so yeah, I look baked on most days,” she said.

Fans thought it was rude for Nkuli to jump to conclusions like that. He immediately apologised after the response. “I’m sorry about that sis, I hope this didn’t come across as insensitive. it was lovely meeting you too,” he said.

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