Coldplay shows Muzi love

 Coldplay shows Muzi love

Musician and producer Muzi’s EP Stimela SeGolide made it into Coldplay’s favourite music list. The group shared the list of some of their favourite artists on Twitter.

Fans flooded Muzi’s Social Media, congratulating him. The EP is the singer’s second offering after his 2018 album Afrovision.

Stimela SeGolide is inspired by the legendary South African musician, Busi Mhlongo. It has an electronic sound infused with house music elements.

Speaking to Okay Africa Muzi explained that the EP tells the story of his grandparents during apartheid South Africa.

“It’s largely inspired by what my mother told me about her parents; her dad was far away working and her mother was a domestic worker and raising white children while her child was at home,” he said.

The muso thought it was important for him to share this, because he felt like SA artists don’t share enough of our stories due to the “shame of our past.”

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