AKA on facing brand rejection at the start of his career

 AKA on facing brand rejection at the start of his career

AKA recently gave a talk at this year’s Loeries. In the talk titled AKA on Urban Culture: How brands can fit it and stand out, the star reflected on the rejection he dealt with at the beginning of his career.

“I was handsome, I was charismatic, witty and humorous but somehow nobody wanted to go the distance with me,” he said.

The rapper believes that brands were interested in working with him at the time but never went through with it because he was considered high risk.

With all his success, brands were still hesitant. “It didn’t matter how many number one records I had, or how many successes or awards I accumulated, something had to give,” he explained.

AKA believes that his career and brand, much like street culture and hip-hop was built on the concept of risk and reward.

He revealed that what helped him break through the barriers was staying true to himself and his art. “If I could stay authentically me, if I could stay sincere….I could resonate with a core audience,” he said.

The star made history by becoming the first recording artist to give a talk at the Loeries creative week.

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