Sbahle Mpisane gets symbolic new tattoo

 Sbahle Mpisane gets symbolic new tattoo

Media personality and fitness trainer Sbahle Mpisane has recently gotten some new ink. The 26 year old got a heart monitor and the Hebrew text, ba-rukh (blessed) on her inner wrist.

In a post on her Instagram, Sbahle explained that she got the tatoo because is ready for a breakthrough and she feels blessed.

“My power is believing what I can envision in my mind right now, not what I’m experiencing or physically seeing. Everything that will happen for me, will be pushed by my daily single thoughts,” she said.

Sbahle Mpisane’s tattoo.

She said that she didn’t survive her near fatal car accident in 2018 by chance but that it was meant to be that way. “I almost died 9120 hours ago but the power of life hasn’t had a single error, so I further trust it.”

Sbahle explained that the car accident and recovery almost broke her but with luck, she was able to persevere and go through it.

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