Pearl Thusi receives backlash for tone deaf tweet

 Pearl Thusi receives backlash for tone deaf tweet

After the tragic news of Uyinene Mrwetyana’s murder, South Africans took to Social Media to express grief at the devastating news and to emplore the government to ensure the end of the scrouge of gender based violence.

Celebrities and influencers were also among those who spoke up about the state of the country. With dozens of pictures of missing girls flooding the timeline daily, Pearl Thusi was too concerned about her missing phone.

The presenter and tv show host said she only had the phone for 24 hours and will offer up a generous reward for whoever found it. She also created a hashtag for the search.

Tweeps weren’t so keen on Pearl’s plea for her missing phone. They viewed the star as out of touch and expressed shock at her seeking help finding a phone when there are so many missing young women.

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