Gagasi FM DJ Nonjabulo Zwane walks out during show

 Gagasi FM DJ  Nonjabulo Zwane walks out during show

The DJ and producer took a stand against work place harassment and the femicide in South Africa by staging a walk out during her show.

She spoke about Thembisile Yende, an Eskom worker who was murdered by her colleague and boyfriend who then hid her body in her office. She said she does not feel safe in the workplace.

“If men want to live and work in environments where there are no women, it’s fine. I’m out,” she tweeted. She then told her female co-stars that the ball is in their court and they had “given the guys of Gagasi FM what they want”.

Fellow presenter Bright Ntuli opened up about how women always have to think twice about doing certain things because of safety issues. She detailed how women are supposed to carry pepperspray and tazers when doing normal things such as jogging.

Gagasi FM responded that they acknowledge the walkout by the two women. “Both ladies are well and receiving adequate support. We also stand in solidarity with them and the women and children of KZN as they continue to be unjustly harassed and murdered. This needs to stop,” they tweeted.

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