Mlindo The Vocalist fears to go to Zimbabwe

 Mlindo The Vocalist fears to go to Zimbabwe

While many Celebs voiced out their concerns about the violent attacks happening in South Africa, Musician Lindokuhle Mgedezi professionally knows as Mlindo The Vocalist show us how the effects of these attacks.

The 23-year-old singer shared with fans and followers on Twitter that he has an upcoming concert in Zimbabwe this weekend but he fears to go to perform because of what is happening in South Africa

His comment section had several twitter users speaking out for Zimbabwe and advising him on what to do

“Zimbabwe is one of the safest destinations in Africa. Your life, your possessions are safe in Zimbabwe. However, what you can do is to use your voice to help discourage the xenophobic attacks in South Africa. We are one people.”

” Reading the tweets here tells you just how good we are as a people. Perhaps you might have fewer fans because of economic problems but all we see is a human being trying to survive. We are not South African in nature, all pun intended.”

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