“Speak Up! My heart is F*cken broken” Jason Goliath to Lalla Hirayama

 “Speak Up! My heart is F*cken broken” Jason Goliath to Lalla Hirayama

As the #AmINext movement gains momentum, more and more women are speaking up. This time naming and shaming their alleged perpetrators.

When a someone anonymously submitted a story about a sexual assault and tagged Japanese-born South African dancer, model, and television host Lalla Hirayama in her story, Comedian Jason Goliath took to twitter to call out the Vuzu host out. He told her to speak out.

After remaining silence and enduring verbal assault from other twitter users, Lalla finally spoke out and shared stories about how she was harassed and assaulted by men during her dancing days and when she was a teenager. She set the record straight to those who were questioning her stance with rape victims in a four-part twitter post.

Goliath issues an apology to Lalla after she called him out in her post for calling her out as if this information is new to him. Goliath also shared a post from his wife questioning the intentions of #AINext movement and if they understand the domino effect that comes after sharing.


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