EXCLUSIVE: Samthing Soweto on his new album Isphithiphithi, Swizz Beats and more!

 EXCLUSIVE: Samthing Soweto on his new album Isphithiphithi, Swizz Beats and more!

Samkelo Lelethu Mdolomba who goes by Samthing Soweto is set to release his new album Isphithiphithi this Friday. The Akulaleki crooner spoke to JustZA about the project.

The star revealed that the album was inspired by the highs and lows of his life. “Isphithiphithi describes my life. I find my life as going through ups and downs and I feel like a lot of things happened in the time I was starting to record till I finished and it was reflected in my music,” he said.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song Isphithiphithi the 31 year old said it is the city of Johannesburg and the early 1990s era of South African music. “It’s a song about iJozi and love and it’s somewhat of an ode to the old style of music. Such as in Sarafina. That song is modelled after that type of music.”

Collaborating with Sam on this new offering are DJ Maphorisa, Shasha, Kabza De Small and Mlindo the Vocalist. He said it was a pleasure to work with these artists because he admires their workmanship.

“I liked working with all those people equally because we made amazing music together. I prefer working with people I respect and I respect all those people. They are all unique and original,” he said.

Despite having been around in the music industry the vocalist only shot to prominence after the 2017 hit song Akanamali. Sam said he was thankful that the song brought him recognition but found that it wasn’t enough.

“I really got recognition from that song… but last year I noticed that the recognition was dwindling. In 2018 I spent a lot of time away from the media and to some degree could feel that people were forgetting me. That’s what actually put some fire under my feet to try and get a new project or new music out.”

The muso also opened up about the themes behind his music. “I’m a musician, I live in the real South Africa. I go through what most South Africans go through on a daily basis. As a musician I feel it’s my responsibility to some degree to expand on some of the experiences of the common South African,” he said.

Sam also said that he felt it’s his duty to bring joy to whoever lends an ear to his music. “I believe that my job is to make people happy. That’s all. We just need more fun because regular life sucks. And it sucks for all of us.”

The star said he doesn’t know when the songs he recorded with Swizz Beats and Alicia Key will be released. “When working with big artists like that what I’m noticing is that their schedule is different to ours… So if anything comes about, It will be up to them.”

Sam revealed that an accapella project was definitely on the cards some time in the future. He also attempted to rekindle what was once The Soil in 2018, the group agreed but the members went solo this year. He said he would be still be interested if they changed their minds.

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