Dingaan Mokebe: ‘Women are women’s worst enemy’ – WATCH

 Dingaan Mokebe: ‘Women are women’s worst enemy’ – WATCH

Muvhango actor, Dingaan Mokebe took to Instagram TV in what he calls DSK diaries to tell women that their biggest enemy is other women.

In a 6:30 minute video, Dingaan talks about a woman friend of his who’s been in a happy marriage for seven years but now is devastated.

Dingaan’s lady friend suspected that the husband was cheating so she spoke to her girlfriends about this and they advise her to dump him because he was lousy and a cheater. When she spoke to Dingaan, he advised her to talk to her husband and see if they can fix the situation if she wants to fix it, if not then it’s fine, she should do what she wants to do.

His lady friend didn’t take his advise and proceeded to dump her husband. As he is making this video, the pair is in the middle of a divorce.

The devastation of Dingaan’s lady friend comes when she learnt that one of her girlfriends who advised her to leave her husband has been seeing him for three months.

He goes on to say Uyajola 99 and Ask A Man always has female callers talking about how their blood sisters, cousins, and friends were sleeping with their husband or boyfriends.

Dingaan questions women about what they are if they call men dogs yet the sleep with
their siblings’ husband? He also made reference to uThathako, a show that helps children find their estranged fathers.

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