Khanya Mkangisa speaks out about drunk driving incident

 Khanya Mkangisa speaks out about drunk driving incident

Khanya Mkangisa made headlines in May when she was arrested for drunk driving. In a viral clip, Khanya can be heard having a heated exhange with a female officer.

The presenter has opened up about how the incident affected her. Talking to Metro FM, she admitted that she was in the wrong.

“I don’t like to play victim. I was in the wrong. No one should ever be driving under the influence, for whatever reason. Even be like, ‘It’s just up the road’ (or) ‘I am just quickly dropping someone off’. That shouldn’t have happened – that I acknowledge – but keep the same energy, treat me like you would everyone else,” she explained.

The 31 year even lost out on work because of her actions. “There was a campaign I was supposed to do. I got the dreaded email that due to the video that is circulating we’re gonna have to… you know… To this day, clients have taken a step back, especially the influencing work,” she said.

Khanya went on to say that people don’t know the fully story. She also said that she was provoked by the police officer. “People don’t even really know what happened. What is being put out there is almost how I retaliated after being provoked from the minute I was stopped. People don’t know that this woman tortured me from before I even got out of my car, pushing me.”

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