Losing Lerato becomes number one in local theatres

 Losing Lerato becomes number one in local theatres

Losing Lerato, a film by Bakwena Productions dominated the local cinemas this past weekend. The star of the show Kagiso Modupe took to Instagram to celebrate the achievement.

“We are number one! It is not by my wisdom but by God’s Grace. Thank you to everyone who supported me and went to watch Losing Lerato this past weekend. I’m humbled by your love,” he said.


The thriller follows the story of young girl named Lerato (Tshimillo) who gets involved in a feud between her parents, Thami (Kagiso) and Noluthando (Samela Tyelbooi).

Thami is an ambitious young man with a thriving career and and a good financial status. Things quickly take a turn for the worse when his firm crashes and burn for fraud.

Not willing to lose the luxurious life the family live, Noluthando quickly divorces Thami and takes full custody of their daughter Lerato.

In a desperate attempt to keep his daughter close, Thami takes Lerato out of school and leaves with her. Chaos ensues as Noluthando reports the incident as kidnapping.

Lerato is played by Kagiso Modupe’s real daughter Tshimillo Modupe which makes for a real tearjacker. The film also stars Thato Molemu, Samela Tybooi and Mapaseka Koetle.

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