Lillian Dube says she was grateful for cancer

 Lillian Dube says she was grateful for cancer

Award winning actress Lillian Dube recently spoke at a Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa (CHOC) event about the lessons cancer brought her.

“I am grateful for my cancer. The first time I really thought I was going and I was sad. I remember standing on my balcony like I always do and the breeze felt heavenly. I thought, ‘I am going to miss this.’ I was going to miss my grandchildren and the car guards at Cresta Mall who told me I wouldn’t die because they were praying for me,” she said.

She said there were so people praying for her that she ended up praying for myself as well. “I said, ‘God. You cannot disappoint all these people that are praying for me. I am adding my voice’.”

She said she realised that she had to use her platform and influence to spread awareness about cancer and encourage people to get tested before it was too late.

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