Asanda Foji speaks out against xenophobia

 Asanda Foji speaks out against xenophobia

Former Generations star Asanda Foji gave her 2 cents on the recent xenophobic attacks that erupted in South Africa in the past few weeks.

In her YouTube channel Reality With Asanda the actress condemned the violence and reminded South Africans of the sacrifices other countries made for us during Apartheid.

“During apartheid our forefathers and ancestors ran to exile and went to countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, and Somalia. They were taken in by the very same people that you are killing,” she warned.

Asanda also said she doesn’t know how the violence began but it is senseless and nonsensical because we are all Africans. She urged the people who perpuate this violence to stop because they don’t have the right to take the lives of others.

“It is wrong. They’re people just like you. You don’t have a right to kill anyone’s child. South Africans sitting there, it is not your place to kill someone’s child,” she urged.

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