Nomsa Buthelezi speaks about her wedding day!

 Nomsa Buthelezi speaks about her wedding day!

Actress and presenter Nomsa Buthelezi tied the knot this weekend with her sweetheart Zandile Shezi. The pair had a traditional wedding in Alexandra, surrounded by family and loved ones.

Talking to TshisaLive, Nomsa said she was very happy that she had finally wed the love of her life. “I am so happy. I’ve dreamed about this day for a very long time. It was so nice to have close friends and family come out to celebrate us,” she said.

The “Gomora Diva” also opened up about the struggles she faced as a queer woman in the entertainment industry. “I had to fight for my identity. I knocked on doors and often they were slammed in my face and I was rejected for who I am.”

She said she had compromised for a long time by dating men which made her unhappy. Her mom came to her rescue when she asked when she will live her truth. “I had to go back and decide to prioritise my happiness.”

Zandile had actually teased Nomsa about getting married the first time they met, Nomsa hadn’t believed her then.

“I was shooting for Our Perfect Wedding in Mpumalanga. As I was walking on the red carpet in the church heading to the front row, Zandile greeted me and she said I should be practising for our wedding day,” she explained.

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