Gugu Gumede on why she went natural

 Gugu Gumede on why she went natural

Actress Gugu Gumede has recently ditched wigs and weaves and embraced her afro. Speaking to Move, the Uzalo actress opened up about this decision.

She revealed that she was was so used to wigs that she felt self concious without them. “I used to wear wigs because I just didn’t feel beautiful without them,” she said.

The star also added that it was only in the beginning of her natural hair journey that she started to see a different kind of beauty in a new light.

Gugu also said that beauty comes from within and is something that you define for yourself. She said she was fine with her hair even though some people might not find it beautiful.

“Beauty is so subjective. It is definitely a state of mind. Beauty has to be an internal thing; you cannot think beauty is someone’s stamp of approval or validation of who you are,” she explained.

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