Somizi cheers Bahumi on over Lebo Mathosa role!

 Somizi cheers Bahumi on over Lebo Mathosa role!

Choreographer and Idols SA judge Somizi took to Instagram to cheer his daughter on over her casting as Lebo Mathosa in BET Africa’s Dream: The Lebo Mathosa Story.

“It is not a coincidence. Not an accident. Not a mistake. No surprise. That you’re playing this role. I was written in the stars from day one,” he captioned.

He revealed that Lebo had screamed when she first saw Bahumi and their resemblance. “I remember the first time she met you and screamed ‘oh my word I have a daughter’ and from that day on she called her daughter because of the striking resemblance.”

Bahumi said she was grateful to potray Lebo, whom she adored. “Words cannot describe… But in their best effort, telling the story I had both dreamed and feared of telling my whole life, has been one of the most humbling experiences and gifts this far,” she wrote.

Dream: The Lebo Mathosa Story premiers on BET Africa (DStv channel 129) on November 6 at 21:30.

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