Rami Chuene calls out Kabomo over alleged exploitation

 Rami Chuene calls out Kabomo over alleged exploitation

In light of Vatiswa Ndara’s public letter to the Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa, which sought a change in the entertainment industry, other artists have come out to share their stories about exploitation.

Actress and author Rami Chuene is the latest to open up about what she went through. She took to Twitter to publicly call out singer and actor Kabomo for allegedly not paying her and the cast of a film he was making.

“This is not me trolling him but a movie was shot, there was no money to pay artists but people worked anyway. You know why? Here was a young, black creative in need of a break. A lot of actors believed in his dream,” she wrote.

She said the film had a stellar cast but that people had to work for littlle to no pay. She accused Kabomo of being evasive and not giving efficient explanations on why people were allegedly not getting paid.

“Ducking and diving is not the way to do it. Tell people what’s going on and the plan of action going forward. I know Kabomo doesn’t have millions to pay the people that worked for him. He said he got part payment and most was used to shoot the film,” she tweeted.

Rami also alleges that she told the producer to not pay her because she had already written it off and to compensate her colleagues instead.

She complimented Kabomo on his many talents and said she hopes that it “pays off” so that he can be able to play others. She implored him to stop “scamming people” and work on communicating more effectively.

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