Khanya and J Molley dating?

 Khanya and J Molley dating?

Media personality and former Yo-TV presenter Khanya Mkangisa has set Social Media alight with her recent Instagram stories.

The 31 year old posted clips on her Instagram stories being loved up by none other than 21 year old rapper J Molley. The unlikely couple had been attending a glamourous event together on Monday. In the video shared by Khanya, they can be seen being quite affectionate, with J Molley even kissing Khanya’s cheek.

Fans have speculated that the pair are infact dating and that J Molley might have broken up with his ex girlfriend Shamiso, who is a V-Entertainment presenter.

Khanya took to Instagram to respond to the rumours that resulted in her trending by saying, “F*ck you, f*ck all of yal” while she was still with the Lightning rapper by her side.

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