F*ck the Springboks. – Ntsiki Mazwai

 F*ck  the Springboks. – Ntsiki Mazwai

This weekend saw the Springboks make history and emerge victorious against England and become the Rugby World Cup Champions of 2019! This monumental feat was celebrated by South Africans across the country.

However, poet, singer and TV host Ntsiki Mazwai kept her energy of wanting nothing to do with the Springboks because they remind her of apartheid.

In a video posted on her Social Media this Saturday, the Qhawe singer says she will not play along and celebrate a team that she does not feel accurately represents South Africa.

“I will not play along with you and lie to the world and pretend as if rugby is not a stronghold of racism in this country. I will not play along and pretend as if black people are not deliberately excluded from this sport in this country,” she said.

The 39 year-old said she personally knew black players who had been excluded from the selection processes because of being black.

South African Twitter accused Ntsiki of being a “Debby downer” and not being able to read the “national mood “.

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