Black Motion celebrates 10 years of house music!

 Black Motion celebrates 10 years of house music!

Black Motion have been around the house music industry for a decade. The group which is composed of Thabo aka Smol and DJ Murder have released new music to celebrate!

Tshisa LIVE reports that the seasoned duo now take their time in releasing new music. They don’t do it for the hype like they did at the start of their careers.

“It has nothing to do with the pressure or trying to win people over. I mean, that we did when we were like five years old, when we were trying to do things to please people. But now people trust us and know what we are about and that’s why we don’t work on any pressure. We work on our own time, we are never in a rush to release new music,” they said.

The pair dropped a new song, Everything, this Friday. They collaborated with Afrotraction and also feautured Mo-T.

“The song is called Everything and we did a song with Afrotraction and it’s been a long-awaited collabo cause people have been asking us for the collaboration. The first time we met we spoke about it in 2012, but we have just been busy, so I’m glad it’s finally happening,” Smol said.

Black Motion already have plans in the works for 2020. “We have plans to release a live DVD for our sixth studio album and many more. Ten is a great year for us. I mean, we didn’t fall on the way or to any other pressure or musical change.”

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