Busiswa speaks about the abuse allegations made against her former boyfriend DJ Kaygee

 Busiswa speaks about the abuse allegations made against her former boyfriend DJ Kaygee

Gqom sensation Busiswa Gqulu’s documentary Busiswa: An Unbreakable Story premiered last week at the Africa Rising International Film Festival (ARIFF).

It tells Busiswa’s journey from rural Eastern Cape to working with one of the biggest star’s in the world, Beyoncé. The 31 year-old narrates the film and speaks about her love for both poetry and music.

She also touches on growing up in poverty and the alleged abuse she experienced from her ex boyfriend, Katlego “DJ Kaygee” Mlangeni.

“The only thing that really bothered me was the fact that someone else decided to tell the world that I was being abused and it’s something that I hadn’t even internalised myself. First I feel ashamed, now everyone knows, and people would think how did you get yourself in that situation?”

Busiswa said even though she took herself out of the situation, the alleged abuse continued after she left. She also accused Kaygee of sl*t- shaming her.

“I left. I conquered that. The worst thing that happened that day is that the psychotic person who abused you comes back and abuses you again physically after you’ve left. And then sl*t shames you, calls you (an) irresponsible mother, spins a web of lies so that people believe that he’s not the monster that he actually is,” she explained.

The Banomoya hitmaker said it is diffucult having a child with an alleged abuser. She wants to raise her son to be respectful towards women.

“The worst thing for me was having a child with an abusive partner. How do I raise my child so that he doesn’t become that person? The only way I can think of is to teach him that everything is worthy of your love and respect and hopefully he would love and respect women.”

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