WATCH: Thickleeyonce takes her first steps after surgery

 WATCH: Thickleeyonce takes her first steps after surgery

Fashion and beauty influencer Thickleeyonce is currently recovering in hospital following a car accident last week. The 26 year-old had to have surgery performed in order for her to walk again.

She took to Instagram to share a clip of her walking after the seven hour operation. In the video she can be seen taking small steps as the person recording cheers her on. She revealed that her doctors found it miraculous that she recovered so quickly.

“My doctors call it a miracle, most people who have accidents like mine barely make it out alive and if they do, then their injuries take months/years to heal. I’m happy to let you all know that my 7 hour long operation was successful yesterday, so thank you for all your prayers. I am walking again…God is so good,” she wrote.

The worst is over for the Youtuber as she will be leaving the Intensive Care Unit and going to a non-critical ward. She misses the little thing such as being able to urinate by herself without needing assistance.

“I’m still in a lot of pain. I scream and cry when I have to sit or get up or when someone touches my upper body but I am strong and I am a fighter.”

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