Azania Mosaka’s sweet message to her daughter Shamiso

 Azania Mosaka’s sweet message to her daughter Shamiso

Media personality Azania Mosaka recently shared a heartfelt message to her daughter Shamiso on Instagram. She opened up about what they learned from cyberbullying.

This came after the young V-Entertainment presenter was embroiled in controversy with hip-hop superstars Migos in 2017. Shamiso was labelled a “stocko”, a derogatory term for women who entertains men at clubs.

In the post, Azania wrote that she believes parents can improve the relationships with their children if they allow themselves to learn.

“My daughter has been of my greatest teachers. I firmly believe that each generation heals the one before it. Today I spoke openly about our journey since the cyber bullying we experienced two years ago. It was you who gave me greater encouragement to open up even more,” she wrote.

Shamiso adviced her mother to allow herself to be vulnerable and open despite public scrutiny. Azania also said the 20 year-old taught her bravery and courage.

“That incident made us learn to exist anew and re-imagine ourselves. To seek opportunity instead of obligation in our relationship.”

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