Jessica Nkosi uncomfortable traffic stop

 Jessica Nkosi uncomfortable traffic stop

Jessica Nkosi took to Twitter to share an uncomfortable encounter she had with a traffic officer.

In the tweet, 29-year old presenter and television personality, explains questioned tweeps why traffic officers put their whole heads inside cars. As if that invasion of space was not enough for Jessica Nkosi, she grew more uncomfortable after realizing that she is wearing a short dress and can’t move freely to look for her license because the officer has his head in her car. She eventually asked the officer to move out of her car.

Johannesburg Metro Police advice motorists who encounter a misbehaving officer who is making them feel uncomfortable to gather as much information about the officer and call the Johannesburg  Metro Police Internal affairs on 0800 203 713.

Remember , as a motorists, you are well within your rights to ask the officer his/her proof of identity and their appointment certificate.

Tweeps shared their thoughts about the encounter.

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