AKA calls Burna Boy a champion

 AKA calls Burna Boy a champion

Burna Boy lost a Grammy award to fellow Nigerian musician Angelique Kidjo this Sunday. The hashtag #AKAwinanga quickly trended on Twitter with AKA’s fans happy about the outcome.

The “African Giant” fell out with former friend and collaborator Supermega in September of 2019. The country had a string of xenophobic attacks which Burna Boy condemned.

AKA responded to a tweet explaining that he didn’t hate the On The Low singer. “I never hated Burna Boy. All I did was stand up for my country. I think it’s time to move past this narrative. It’s tired. Like I said, even a nomination is a huge achievement,” he tweeted.

He urged people to focus on the positive of Burna Boy’s nomination. “What you should have done is focus on the positive instead of thinking about me and my country. In any case, Burna is still a champion. We still consider him a winner.”

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