Zandile Khumalo “divorces” her sister Kelly Khumalo

 Zandile Khumalo “divorces” her sister Kelly Khumalo

Zandile Khumalo stunned the country this Thursday. The singer released a statement announcing that she was divorcing her sister, Kelly Khumalo.

This comes after the Asine hitmaker distanced herself from Zandile’s husband Mhlo Gumede who was allegedly involved in a scam. Kelly went on to make comments about the alleged scam.

Zandile responded by “divorcing”the artist. “I want to put it on record that the statement my sister made about me and my husband is rather haphazard, premature and unnecessary to say the least. We spoke about that issue and put it to her that the promoter didn’t stick to his word so she had no right to take it to a public platform without getting facts”

Zandile went on to state that their fight was not about a gig. She accused Kelly of not offering her and Mhlo enough compensation to appear on her upcoming reality tv show.

“My sister lives for social media and she is the kind of person that likes to pretend as if she’s got it all together when she actually hasn’t for a while now and we’re always there to help.”

She revealed that she has been through a lot with her sister. “The first time I was questioned by the police and put on a lie detector test, it was because of her. The first time I saw drugs it was from her. Today I’m known as an accessory to murder and its because of her.”

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