Cassper Nyovest TKO clap back!!

 Cassper Nyovest TKO clap back!!

If you can’t beat them, join Twitter and troll them.

You can be an award-winning artist, fill stadiums to their capacity, own a recording label and be one of the greatest artists in Africa yet none of the awards can stop you from receiving shade but you can flaunt your success to shame the troll back to its cave.

Cassper found himself at the receiving end of a shade tweet. A twitter user claimed that Cassper Nyovest doesn’t get the credit he deserves for being consistent in releasing ‘wack music’.

Mufasa saw the tweet but no one anticipated how glorious his clap back would be. ‘You don’t get enough credit for your consistency too big boy. You been stealing tweets & dissing me since 2013. You just don’t quit & i admire that. You’ve insired me to buy 4 Bentleys, 2 mansions, 2 APs, 4 Rolexes & land in that period. Thank you. You did that!! You #GoodForThat’, Cassper responded.

And Twitter reacted.

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