Faith Nketsi’s Valentine’s Day gift blunder

 Faith Nketsi’s Valentine’s Day gift blunder

Valentine’s Day was a beautiful day where couple’s celebrated each other and their love. It was filled with gifts and surprised for many, especially celebrities.

Faith Nketsi seemed to have FOMO on the Valentine’s Day loving. She posted a bouquet of flowers on Social Media which were taken from someone else.

“Lol apparently I’m ungrateful for the flowers I received on valentines because I didn’t post them,” she wrote.

Twitter users were quick to point out the blunder. The account Simmi Shoe had posted the picture first. However, others believed the picture was taken from Pinterest. Queen Twerk ended up editing the post, explaining what happened.

“Well fine, the flowers I got didn’t match my current feed so I stole this from Pinterest lol shoot me,” she posted.

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