Samkele Ndlovu leaves Rythm City

 Samkele Ndlovu leaves Rythm City

Earlier this morning, Samkele Ndlovu released a statement on Twitter about her departure from South Africas well-known drama, Rythm City.

Samkele who played the deceitful villain, Lerato said in the statement that she has tried to leave Rythm City a year ago but was asked to stay because her co-star was a ‘pivotal antagonist’ had already announced his departure. The show couldn’t lose two villains at the same time so she stayed.

She served her notice towards the end of the financial year which Rythm City producers were ready for, making her exit a mutual one. Samkele went on to urge her fans to not believe what tabloids say about her as they seek to sensationalize her story.

‘I’ll be damned if all my work from all these years will be diminished by weak tabloids so-called journalists on baseless allegations. They want to communicate the narrative that it is not possible for actors to exercise autonomy and choose to leave as opposed to being written out or fired’, she said in her statement.

Samkele admitted that she will miss playing Lerato and will miss her Rythm City family but for now, she is soaring new heights and is destined to tell another woman story.

She concluded the statement by informing fans that she will still be on their screens and will remain the authentic self she has been throughout her career.

Samkele has been In our screens for ten years and here are some of the memorable roles she played: Sonja on Zone 14 S3, Nkosazana on Soul City S11, DJ Lulu on Generations S1, Mmiso on Sokhulu and Partners and Kira Khumalo on iNkaba.

We will surely miss the mischevious Lerato Samkele played on Rythm City.

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