Nomzamo Mbatha on working in the U.S

 Nomzamo Mbatha on working in the U.S

Nomzamo Mbatha has been living and working in America for over a year. She stars in the highly anticipated upcoming sequel Coming 2 America. The cast of the comedy includes legends such as Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Shari Headley and others.

The 29 year-old spoke about this experience on the Expresso Show this Tuesday. “From being that kid from KwaMashu to sitting on set amongst those great people, it was an out of body experience, it really was,” she said.

With her humble beginnings, Nomzamo said she had to pinch herself and remind herself of her achievement. “I get so fully immersed into the work that I can’t take myself out of it and say, ‘look at your life dude’. “

The actress took a big chance in leaving home for the bright lights of Hollywood. “It’s a huge leap, it’s a culture shock from not only a city but a continent and fully commit, you know and not look back,” she explained.

The move was not a walk in the park. Before auditioning for Coming 2 America she even called her manager threatening to come home. However, she stuck it out and eventually landed the role of a lifetime!

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