Miss Mpumalanga pageant cancells Sjava’s perfomance

 Miss Mpumalanga pageant cancells Sjava’s perfomance

Sjava has received another hit of incoming fire. His upcoming performance at the Miss Mpumalanga pageant has been cancelled.

Mzimari Productions, the company responsible for organising the pageant released a statement explaining the decision. The CEO, Gugu Nyarenda stated that this was due to the rape allegations against Sjava.

 “In the event of the widely publicised allegations of rape charges being brought against the artist, Sjava, by Lady Zamar as alleged in national newspapers and television stations across the country and beyond, Mzimari Productions is obliged to issue an intent to cancel his performance at our event because of the seriousness of the allegations attached to the accusations.

 “These allegations impede against our company objections which amongst others is to develop the girl-child educationally, socially, emotionally and it also espouses to protect them against perpetrators of the much avowed “blesser-blessee” relationships that have destroyed the future livelihoods of young women across the country and beyond.”

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