Shade and Regret – AKA

 Shade and Regret – AKA

We all know that Cassper and AKA have been beefing for years and there’s a high chance that the two rappers might never see eye to eye.

When videos of AKA crowd-surfing gone wrong emerged on social media, Cassper was quick to sub AKA. Mufasa bragged that’ his people will catch him’. Fans of AKA have been egging him on to respond and he did. He spent the entire weekend throwing subliminal shade at Cassper.

Here are some tweets from AKA.

When a Twitter user shared the Iconic picture of AKA and Cassper hugging, AKA poked fun at how he was chocking Cassper.

Another user asked the Megastar what happened to his BMW i8 which he bought in 2017. AKA responded that he sold the car and that its absolute foolishness to own two cars. This could be shade to Cassper since he allegedly owns two Bentleys.

When asked if he really cursed his mother and what he used, AKA gave a chilling response.

Then there are some of his Tweets that have us asking questions.

A fan asked AKA if he regretted it while another asked him why he did it. This line of question could be referring to AKA allegedly swearing at Casspers mother. AKA admitted that he used to be a hard nut in the past.

Do you think AKA regrets his actions towards Cassper and do you think the two will ever reunite?

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