Nomzamo addresses rumors about her and Maps

 Nomzamo addresses rumors about her and Maps

Nomzamo Mbatha and Maps were once South Africa’s power couple. Their relationship was goals to many fans but all good things do come to an end.

Nomamo and Maps broke up in 2018 when rumors of Maps cheating on her emerged. Close friends and family said that Nomzamo was hurt and felt betrayed by Maps because he knew she’s had her heart broken by a cheating partner before.

Now Nomzamo finds herself having to address rumors spreading of her and Maps back together.

It all started when Maps posted a picture on Instagram of him hugging a woman. A fan in the comment section jumped the gun and assumed Maps was hugging Nomzamo. The news spread like wildfire.

Nomzamo defused everything with a twitter post that read as follows, ‘Not now. Not ever. Masego, Stop taking advantage of my silence and choice to be grateful through it all. Shake this can one more time and I’ll open it. @MapsMaponyane
you made your bed. Lie in it.’

And now we are interested to know what’s inside this can of worms Mbatha is talking about.

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