Thando Thabethe on why she left 5FM

 Thando Thabethe on why she left 5FM

Thando Thabethe resigned from the radio station 5 FM in March of 2019. The media personality has now taken to Social Media to explain her exit.

“On Friday 28 Feb I had a meeting with the programmes manager who let me know that the show was renewed, as per our annual negotiations. I then tried to negotiate a raise of R200 an hour. At this point he had agreed for me to take two weeks leave to shoot housekeepers,” she tweeted.

The Housekeepers actress said she then found out that her radio show would no longer be aired. This led to her resignation. She criticized 5FM’s current line up, saying it does not accurately represent the diversity of South Africa.

“I have ploughed many hours into the work that I do, and found this an insult after 11 years on radio. I then proceeded to resign. The current line up at 5FM is not a representation of the diverse country that we live in. It’s also very easy to dub me as ‘demanding’ to the powers that be in the hope that the truth doesn’t come out.”

Thando said she was offered another slot but decided to not accept the deal. “Yet again 5FM decided to stick to their original plan and offered me a slot I was again not able to accept,” she explained.

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