Lasizwe needs your help!

 Lasizwe needs your help!

Youtuber, social media personality and radio host joined the many ZAlebs offering a helping hand during this lockdown.

Lasizwe took to his Twitter account to ask people which food do they need the most. Answers from tweeps ranged from maize meal, formula milk, canned foods, and others asked for electricity top-up.

Food is an essential need for one’s survival and South Africans are concerned about how they going to get food during the lockdown. Many lost their jobs and are without money to buy food and essentials so they now rely on parcels.

Recently parents pleaded with the government to recognize baby clothing as essentials. Seeing Mzansi celebrities playing their part by giving back encourages citizens to also do the same.

Now is the time to fully exercise the concept of ubuntu. Let’s flatten the curve and stop the spread.

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