WATCH: Moonchild puts South African radio stations on blast

 WATCH: Moonchild puts South African radio stations on blast

Moonchild has had it with South African radio stations. The hitmaker took to Instagram to speak up about radio stations allegedly not playing her new song Askies because of it’s reportedly racy lyrics.

In the video Moonchild accuses the stations of having double standards. She said they play songs that objectify women all the time.

“How many women are objectified by men in songs and you play them on radio? How many? How many international songs that you play that don’t celebrate women but talk about women being objectified by rappers?” Moonchild asked.

The award winning musician believes that her Askies is a body positivity anthem. “And now you wanna take down a song that makes every single woman whatever the size feel confident?”

Moonchild also questioned why radio stations allegedly have a problem with women celebrating themselves. “We can’t own our bodies. We can’t say we own our bodies. We can’t talk you that we are fine with our bodies. What the hell are you trying to do?”

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