Carpo and Cassper are brotherhood goals.

 Carpo and Cassper are brotherhood goals.

Cassper Nyovest is Mzansis’ favorite celebrity. He started out with small crowds and went up to fill up stadiums. This type of success comes with its own challenges so having a brother or friend in your corner helps.

Cassper has been involved in many online fights with his nemesis, AKA, and also dragged in any fight that involves AKA. During these online spats, trolls will use this opportunity to drag Mufasas’ name in the mud, and Carpo, his best friend has had enough!

Carpo took to Twitter to share his frustrations of how Cassper is always trolled and attacked on Twitter despite him being a good guy. Carpo said he was tired of seeing people take advantage of Cassper. “I have seen him help so many guys who treat him like shit today. I always tell him my g just leave them but its really too much. My G has had enough’, Carpo tweeted.

Fans were impressed by the brotherhood of Cassper and Carpo.

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