Riky Rick apologises to Sizwe Dhlomo

 Riky Rick apologises to Sizwe Dhlomo

The South African hip-hop industry is always filled with drama. Riky Rick had tongues wagging when he posted a clip apologising to Sizwe Dhlomo this past week.

The rapper issued the apology after he had been involved in a Twitter conversation between AKA and Sizwe regarding Supa Mega’s Reebok dilemma.

Riky said he had an hour long phone call with the DJ where they had a good conversation. In the clip the Boss Zonke hitmaker said his words can sometimes be misinterpreted.

“I wanna say that I’m not here to fight. I’m not here for the war. I’m not here to be divisive. You know, I try my best not to be but sometimes I say something and it comes across as aggressive, mean and nasty towards another person and that’s not something I wanna do,” he explained.

He said Sizwe is a role model for many in the entertainment industry. “I’ve got no bad blood for Siz. I’ve got no ill intention for Siz. Sizwe is actually someone I look up to and somebody that uhh has done a lot, a lot for the game and has given us even more by giving us something to aspire to.”

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